Relax Cool Red makes for a chill evening at Finding Vino Toastmasters

Relax-Cool-Red.jpgName of Winery – Unknown

Name of Wine – Relax Cool Red

Region produced in – Rheinhessen Region, Germany
Types of grapes in wine – Dornfelder
Characteristics of wine – Sweet, simple
Look – deep and rich red
Smell – fruity, black cherries and plums
Taste –  not too sweet, not too dry, lively acidity, fruity but not too grapey
Finish – smooth

Food Pairing – The wine pairs well with appetizers and cheesy food.

Why not try a food that is more popular with Canadians than with any other nationality – Kraft Noodles! It fit the theme of the meeting which was ‘Remember When’. Several attendees agreed that it reminded them of their youth when they were at college or university and Kraft was convenient, although few said they are fans of it nowadays. We experimented by serving half the people a version made the traditional way with milk and margarine, the other half received Kraft made with mayonnaise. The traditional version was voted the best by a large majority.

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