ASK Toastmasters Reclaim Banner

Recapture the Banner

ASK recaptures banner from Finding Vino ToastmastersJune 7, 2016 – 5 members of ASK made the trek to Finding Vino, a monthly club located a few miles from the Peace Arch Border Crossing with the goal of returning the ASK banner in time for our 35th Anniversary.  Merrilee Miller organized the raid, Helen Reagh provided limo service for those who could meet her enroute, and the entire team (Hans Kermer, Katie Healy, Marg Hope) pounced on the banner just before the mid-meeting comfort break.

They also made an attempt at taking home the Finding Vino banner but were thwarted in their desperate attempt by Riz Aseem (photo evidence on website photos page) who fought them off with, appropriately enough, a wine bottle.  Our thanks to Marilynn Knoch (a dual member) who facilitated both raids

Finding Vino meets the first Tuesday of each month in the wine tasting room of a private wine shop in the Morgan Crossing shopping area.  It is a beautiful room with large comfortable tables and chairs.  Although the TM program is strongly apparent, there are a few details that set this club apart.  First, a taste of a white and a red wine are poured just before the meeting starts.

Along one side of the room, several members are busy laying out tasting plates for food items paired with the wine.  Two of the prepared speeches are used to introduce those wines and two other members (who have created the foods) deliver shorter speeches to explain the selections.

Evaluations and other portions of the meeting are appropriate to our program but throughout the meeting members sip and sample.  Coffee and cake were served at the halfway point to celebrate achieving President’s Distinguished Club status.  Incoming D21 Director, Alan Warburton, presented a trophy (1stclub to achieve PDD in D21) and VPE, Christine Steward presented a PowerPoint showing how they achieved this honour including small photos of each person who contributed.

Finding Vino is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  Thanks to all who made this adventure possible.

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