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Red Wine Presentation, November 20, 2018

The Karma was good at this meeting! Oh and so was the atmosphere…the wine presented by Riz Aseem, was called Karma, by Kismet (how appropriate).  Also delicious!


Red Wine Presentation July 17


Linda presented a delicioso red wine from Italy and topped off her presentation with an informative slide show. Well done!

Red Wine Presentation May 15, 2018

Nathan Hutchinson presented a delicious Chianti by Ruffino, which may or may not be part of his family lineage. Fantastico!

Red Wine Presentation April 17, 2018

Carole Bertrand presented a clean, vegan wine tonight.  Great job!

Red Wine Presentation

Our VP of Education Christine Steward, presented the red wine tonight, “29 Crimes”. Delicious wine and a very interesting story behind it. Thank you Christine!