Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc set the mood at Finding Vino

lakebreezeName – Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc

Region – Okanagan Valley; Naramata Bench District

Description – Wine is intensely fruity and aromatic with great complexity and balance consistently clean, crisp and fresh

Aroma – Mineral, pear, ripe apple, and floral aromas

Body – medium-bodied

Taste – Crisp and clean with a smooth texture and notes of peach and green apple infused with a flinty-smoky essence

Attack – Open with pear and apple skin notes followed by mouth-watering tropical fruit and pear notes

Finish – Zesty

Food Pairing – This Pino Blanc wine goes well with a lighter type cheese, swiss, goat or fontina cheese on a light cracker. Quiche Lorraine or asparagus quiches make a great pairing also.




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