Vivien Ip – Speechcraft Toast

Vivien offers a toast at the final Speechcraft session for Finding Vino Toastmasters (June 2017).

 Vivien Ip – District Humor Contest Winner!

Vivien Ip takes District 21 in the 2012 Humorous Speech contest. The contest starts at the Club level, then Area, then Division, and finally, District. Winning the District means you are officially one of the funniest Toastmasters in the world. Vivien Ip, a proud Finding Vino Member, was crowned the funniest Toastmaster in British Columbia with her speech, “Mistaken Identity.”

Nathan Hutchinson – Obsession – D21 District Fall Conference Winner

Carol Carter – On the World Stage!

In 2012, former Finding Vino Member Carol Carter took her speech, “A Spectacular Life,” all the way to the World Stage. Carol touches our hearts, makes us laugh, relates, and inspires as she competes in the Semi-Finals at the Toastmasters International Speech Contest.








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