Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Ruby Port

101_six_grapes[1]Name of Winery – Graham’s
Name of Wine – Six Grapes Reserve Ruby Port
Over the last two decades Six Grapes has won 7 Gold Medals and 2 trophies at the most prestigious international tasting competitions
Region produced in –Douro Valley Region (Northern part of Portugal)
Types of grapes in wine –variety of red grapes from several different vintages
Characteristics of wine – sweet, full bodied fortified blended wine.
Look –dark red color
Smell –has depth with aromas of ripe plums, cherries, spice and dark chocolate
Taste – complex with a good structure
Finish –long lingering finish with underlying notes of anise, pepper and spice.

Food Pairing – Six Grapes is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to desserts – chocolate cake, rich cheese or dark chocolate (60 – 70%) also Dark chocolate laced with spicy chilies.


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