Nutty Solera Medium Oloroso Sherry Takes The Cake

NNutty Soleraame of Winery:                          Gonzalez Byass

Name of Wine:                              Nutty Solera Medium Oloroso Sherry

Region Produced in:                     Jerez Spain

Types of Grapes in Wine:            White grapes:  Predominately Palomino, with Pedro Ximenez and Muscatel used for sweetening

Characteristics of Wine:              medium sweet, full bodied fortified blended wine

Look:                                                Amber, light mahogany colored

Smell:                                               nut, raisin, spice, toffee, coffee, orange zest

Taste:                                               medium sweet, full bodied, rich with raisin, clove, walnut, orange zest and earthy flavours

Finish:                                              long, lingering, warming due to 20% alcohol content

Food Pairing:                                  nuts, dried fruits, cheese, Christmas fruit cake, sweet desserts


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