French Chardonnay Louis Latour Featured White Wine At Finding Vino On July 7, 2015

ardeche-chardonnay-bouteille-fiche[1]Date of Meeting – July 7, 2015
Name of White Wine selected – Ardeche Chardonnay 2013 Louis Latour
Region wine is produced – Ardeche-Coteaux, France

Types of grapes in wine – Chardonnay

Characteristics of wine

Look – Clear to light yellow, like “hay” light bodied,

Smell – Green apples, melon, tropical fruits,

Taste – Apple, melon, peach

Finish – medium and satisfying, lasting freshness

Food Pairing – Chardonnay easily pairs with just about anything. Steak, fish, chicken, pasta, cheeses and soft fruits.  At the meeting we paired it with Triscuits with Goat cheese, pesto, roasted red pepper and soft fruits.
Comments from club members – Goat cheese cracker was something not tried before.  They enjoyed the soft fruit taste with the wine, it seemed to make the wine sparkle.

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