South African Red Wine Graceland Cabernet Sauvignon Graces Finding Vino Club Meeting

grace-cabsauv[1]Date of Meeting – July 7, 2015
Name of Red Wine selected – Graceland Cabernet Sauvignon
Region wine is produced –  South Africa, Stellenbosch region

Types of grapes in wine – Cabernet Sauvignon with some Merlot grapes

Characteristics of wine

Look – deep cherry red color, burgundy, full bodied,

Smell – Blackberry, ripe plum, tobacco, vanilla

Taste – Ripe black fruits, soft velvety texture, savory spices

Finish – Lingering after-taste, complex flavors, long finish

Food Pairing – Beef roast, beef steak, venison stew, lamb chops, with balsamic reduction, lentil soup, hearty bean dishes, sharp cheeses, almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate, dark fruit cake.
Red Wine Master: Erica Johanson
Foodie: None

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