Embocadero Red presented at Finding Vino

embocaderoName of Winery –  Bodegas Pedro Regalado Winery
San Pedro Regalado is a wine co-operative founded in 1958 in the Ribera del Duero region. Combined efforts reap greater rewards than what each winemaker would if working individually. All of the grapes are sourced from the small co-operatively owned vineyards around the village of La Aguilera and many of the vines are 100 years old.

Name of Wine –  Embocadero.

Region – Spain.

Grapes – Tempranillo.

Characteristics – This incredibly powerful Tempranillo spent 14 months aging in new French oak.

Look – Dark burgundy.

Smell – Amazing aromas of wood smoke, mineral, spice box, incense and blackberry make up the nose.
Taste -Similarly dense and plush flavours of dark fruit and spice are present on the palate.

Food Pairing – To go with the red wine: an apple base appetizer using ginger gold apples (an ambrosia or other hard apple would work). Core and cut into slices. Placed in a lemon bath. Extra lemon shaken off to prevent the apple slices from turning brown before serving. Appetizer was prepared by placing apple slices on the bottom of a tooth pick, topped by a half slice of black forest ham and a sizeable piece of bacon cheddar.


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