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White Wine Presentation August 15/17

Rob Weaver presented Langhe Nascetta 2014 from North West Italy.


White Wine Presentation July 18/17

Langley’s own Chaberton Vineyards Reserve Siegerrebe presented by May York.

Finding Vino says YES to Dirty Laundry Pinot Gris

dirtylaundryName – Dirty Laundry “Say Yes” Pinot Gris

Region – Okanagan Valley; Summerland District

Description – Wine is light and crisp, perfect for summer days with friends out on the patio.

Aroma – White peaches and pears, and floral aromas.

Body – light-bodied

Taste – Fun, fresh and vibrant with white peaches, pears, and a hint of honey.

Finish – Crisp and dry.

Food Pairing – This wine pairs nicely with seafood, and light snacks. We chose to go with homemade salmon and cream cheese pastries. Two fluffy puff pastries wrapped around a thin layer of smoked salmon all in a bed of creamy cheese. It went perfectly with this fun and light hearted Pinot Gris.

Oyster Bay meets Finding Vino

oysterbayName of Winery: Oyster Bay Marlborough Winery

Name of Wine: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Region: New Zealand, Marlborough

Grapes: Not Documented

Characteristics: Lively penetrating fruit

Look: Velvety

Smell: Hints of fruit

Taste: Crip with hints of gooseberry, kiwi, passion fruit

Finish: Dry, Smooth

Food Pairing:  This wine pairs well with any kind of cheese, fruit and a bit of spice.  The pairing that was presented was in keeping with the time of year (Thanksgiving) while still featuring the foods that go best with the wine.  Slightly sweet crackers with cranberry and almonds were offered with a mild cranberry cheese from England that some said tasted like cheese cake.  As a second snack, ground turkey was mixed with baked sweet potato, ginger and orange zest for a baked turkey fritter.


Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc set the mood at Finding Vino

lakebreezeName – Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc

Region – Okanagan Valley; Naramata Bench District

Description – Wine is intensely fruity and aromatic with great complexity and balance consistently clean, crisp and fresh

Aroma – Mineral, pear, ripe apple, and floral aromas

Body – medium-bodied

Taste – Crisp and clean with a smooth texture and notes of peach and green apple infused with a flinty-smoky essence

Attack – Open with pear and apple skin notes followed by mouth-watering tropical fruit and pear notes

Finish – Zesty

Food Pairing – This Pino Blanc wine goes well with a lighter type cheese, swiss, goat or fontina cheese on a light cracker. Quiche Lorraine or asparagus quiches make a great pairing also.