The Perfect Pair — Anselmo Mendes With Western Family Choice Cooked Shrimps

Quinta da AveledaName of Winery – Anselmo Mendes

Name of Wine –  Quinta da Aveleda

Region produced in –  Vinho Verde,  Portugal

Types of grapes in wine –  Blended with 60% Loureiro, 30% Trajadura and 10% Alvarinho.

Characteristics of wine – Fresh tropical fruit flavours and no oak make this wine a real nice summer afternoon drink.

. The presence of citric and white flower aromas is quite evident

Certified:  Award Winner 2014

Look –  Pale lemon yellow with green highlights;

Smell –aromas of green apple, grapefruit, and perfume; dry, fresh and lively, with a slight spritz,

Taste –  light, crisp and aromatic -sometimes sweet

Food Pairing –   The Portuguese wine goes really well with fish and sea food. I chose the Western Family choice cooked shrimps and for contrast some candied smoked Salmon.


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