Tuscan Red Win Rosso Di Montalcino Take Finding Vino Toastmaster On An Italian Retreat

Bosco-Rosso-165x618Date of Meeting: August 4, 2015

Name of Red Wine: Red wine called Rosso di Montalcino from the Castiglion Del Bosco winery

Region wine is produced: Tuscan region in the Tuscan hills outside of Florence, Italy

Types of grapes in wine: Sangiovese Grapes

Characteristics of wine

Luscious wine, well-balanced and firmly structured with a delicate bouquet.

Look: Deep ruby red hue

Smell: Scents of cloves, cherries, red plum, strawberry, fig, floral, cinnamon, leather and tobacco

Taste: Fresh fruity flavour of strawberry with a little spiciness, sour red cherries with tea leaf notes

Finish: Long-lingering finish

Food Pairing: Imagine a warm summer evening under the Tuscany stars, a small patio restaurant, red and white checked tablecloth, a glass of ruby, red wine and you’re served with cherry red tomatoes, a delicious cheese and spinach ravioli with Risotto Balls and Antipasto Salad

Red Wine Master: Monica Neville

Foodie: Riz Aseem


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