Trello Tutorial 1 – Signing up

How to sign up to Trello

Step 0: Email for the invite link

Step 1:

Click the invite link, once clicked you will be directed here:


Step 2:

Click the sign up button, and you will be directed here:


Step 3:

Fill out your information like so:


Step 4:

Click create a new account. You will be directed here:


Step 5:

This is an important step, forget this, and it will not work!

You must go to your email and confirm your account.

1)      Find the email in your inbox that was sent by Trello (be sure to check junk mail if you do not see it)

2)      Open it, and click the button that says Verify Address

If you complete step 1 and 2, you will be directed to a page like this:


Step 6:

Click join and you will be directed to the members board:


That’s it, you are on board!

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