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Shiraz From Belle Grove Winery Wins Over Finding Vino Toastmasters

Belle-Groove-Shiraz-2012Name of Winery – Belle Grove

Name of Wine – Shiraz 2012

Region produced in – Spain

Types of grapes in wine –  Red Shiraz grapes grown on the sun drenched Spanish hillside vineyards and has  Fresh blackcurrant aromas with hints of black pepper and a lingering fruity finish

Characteristics of wine –Red wines get their colour from the skins which are included when the wines are fermented. The length of time that wines are in contact with the skins can influence the colour of the wine. The thickness of the grape’s skin can also affect the colour with thicker skinned varieties generally producing deeper coloured wines

 Look –Deep and bright in color

Smell –rich, fruity  on the nose.

Taste – Ripe cherry and blackcurrant and combined with hints of black pepper.

Finish – On the palate, the Shiraz is fruity, jammy and full of flavour, with a good backbone to support the lingering finish.

Food Pairing – Pairs well with richly flavored red meats, beef stew and meat lover’s pizza.