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Edit: This event is currently underway. While it is too late to join in as a speaker, there are still spots available to see the presenters. The details are below.

Hello Toastmasters,

Imagine yourself delivering a humorous speech.
Even funnier – you are enjoying connecting with the audience as they hang onto your every word and double over in laughter at your punch lines. Don’t laugh! 
If you focus on learning from experts how to deliver a great humorous speech this could happen for you.
You may have heard there is to be another Speechcraft – back by popular demand. This variation is Speechcraft Advanced. ‘HUMOROUSLY SPEAKING’.

How it will work:
Toastmasters who have completed their CC manual or are well on the way in the process can start working through Advanced manuals consisting of 5 projects. There are a number of specialized manuals to choose from, each with a different focus. Humor is one of them. Some people don’t feel very confident doing humor. 
By attending this series you will increase your proficiency and confidence in humor.  
5 experienced humorous speakers will guide and inspire you how to complete each specific project. These speakers between them have won many speech contests. Your Toastmaster clubs will be running their humor contests in September and need you to participate. Winners will advance who knows how far to represent their Area and beyond!
Benefits of attending:
Personal growth in a fun, supportive environment.
Learn new skills and be able to enjoy delivering a humorous speech at your club contest in September.
Completion of an Advanced manual earning you an education credit and assisting your club to reach their DCP goal. 
Tentative schedule, depending on availability of attendees during this holiday period. 
Location: Ricky’s Country restaurant, 2160 King George Boulevard


Session 1, July 23 Saturday 9am till 10 maybe a bit longer for discussion. Presentation by an expert which runs 30 minutes, follow up, no speeches. We are most fortunate to have as our first presenter, Carol Carter.

Session 2, August 6 Saturday 9am till 11.00. Participants will each deliver Project One, a 5 to 7-minute speech, approximately 10 speeches per session followed by discussion, written evaluation in your manual and a Presentation by an expert for 30 minutes.


Session 3, on August 20. Same format.


Session 4 on September 3. Same format.


Session 5 on September 17. Same format.
Session 6 on October 19am till 10.30. Participants will deliver their last speech in the manual, follow up discussion,  
We have some positions booked already. We can take 10 participants who will attend all sessions at a cost of $55 and will receive their Advanced manual, Humorously Speaking.
More people can be accommodated. Those that are unable to always commit to the time or unable to deliver speeches at Speechcraft can attend only that portion of the meeting where the Presenter is training us. That cost is $5 per session.
You probably will not complete all 5 speeches before you enter your Club contest, but you will have learned a lot, improved your skill and grown in confidence. This has been the result of the previous Speechcraft programs we have conducted.
Are you ready? Humor really can be fun! Please respond asap so we can confirm the time and place. 

Reply to me with questions, comments about scheduling, or to confirm attendance.
Rob Weaver, Finding Vino Toastmasters
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